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The 2023 Symposium is made possible thanks to the support of these projects and organisations.

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NHS ScotlandThe Digital Health & Care Division is a longstanding EHTEL member, part of the Scottish Government.

They work collaboratively with a range of public, private, third and independent sector partners to deliver digital health solutions to ensure that the health and care needs of the people of Scotland are met, and that they benefit fully from innovation and data developments.



Sorsix is a health technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a main development office in Skopje, North Macedonia. The company comprises over 100 staff members, with a high proportion of engineers. 




UNICOM aims to be a game-changer for patient safety around medication. It does so by leveraging the ISO IDMP family of internationally agreed standards for univocal identification of medicines along their whole life cycle – for regulatory purposes, in healthcare, pharmacovigilance, and medical research.




Digital Health Uptake (DHU) bridges the gap between virtual and physical healthcare by coordinating activities between health stakeholders so as to integrate digital solutions along the continuum of health and care.