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Europe is at a key phase of development. In June 2024, European elections will take place. In autumn 2024, Member States will nominate their new Commissioners. Other European institutions, like the Council of Member States and European regions are all currently very proactive on their own initiatives. Health, and especially digital health, have become priority topics for many policy-makers and many Europeans. The COVID-19 pandemic was at least one major recent reason why the use of digital health has come to the fore. 
EHTEL is well placed, in the heart of Europe, to bring together the voices of European stakeholder groups and provide concrete insights into European policy.
In this context, EHTEL and its members have been keen to get active, with other stakeholders, in key priority activities that will positively influence the direction of travel on European digital health and European data
In recent times, EHTEL has joined with these four alliances, partnerships, and platforms to raise the flag on European health, European digital health, and European health data:
Core among new directions too is the European Health Data Space on which EHTEL has provided several briefing papers and is involved in a number of pertinent projects. 
Join with us to ensure the implementation of initiatives on European health, European digital health, and European health data becomes much more concrete, and is built on best and good practices shared among Europeans. And, of course, to make your own voices heard! 



  • Joint stakeholder statement on the implementation of the EHDS 23 April 2024 EHTEL & stakeholders group PDF*

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