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Project description

Like many initiatives, healthcare is a sector that will benefit from Europe having a digital strategy that is more cross-sectoral than in the past.

DEI is about Digitising European Industry. The focus of OPEN DEI is therefore on openness.

OPEN DEI is a collaborative and support action which contributes to the objective to help make every industry in Europe benefit fully from digital innovations.

OPEN DEI’s three main foci are Open Source, Platforms and Pilots.

  • OPEN DEI advocates the use of the Open Source Solutions Reference Implementation and Data-Information-Knowledge Exchange sharing mechanisms across domains.
  • OPEN DEI supports the implementation of next-generation digital platforms in four sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and health.
  • OPEN DEI will create synergies between Large-Scale Pilots across different domains. It will evaluate important and valuable pilot projects on digital transformation, and compare their methodologies, implementations, and results.

OPEN DEI uses several Digital Maturity assessment methods and tools to evaluate four areas of work: processes, monitoring and control, technologies, and organisation.


Creating open and interoperable data spaces is key to the emergence of ubiquitous, cross-sectoral, data-driven ecosystems.

The project is ambitious in helping to forge a new eco-system which will:

  • Initiate a cross-domain Innovation and Collaboration Platform.
  • Establish an interoperable network between the four industrial sectors.
  • Develop communities’ digital skills in the domain of Digital Platforms.


As coordination and support action, the project’s focus is on identifying relevant state-of-the-art cross-domain content that can be appropriate to the four sectors of manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and health.

In each sector, an ambassador is responsible for liaising with its own sector or community. Each sector is represented by a number of large-scale pilots that are funded by the European Commission.

- Visit the OPEN DEI website at: http://www.opendei.eu/


EHTEL's role

EHTEL is OPEN DEI’s ambassador for the health sector.

EHTEL’s role is to act a two-way bridge between the healthcare sector and the other three industrial sectors.

EHTEL has been instrumental in liaising with a set of working groups. These groups have been set up to create synergies between seven innovative healthcare large-scale pilots funded by the European Commission. These working groups deal with dissemination, use cases, key performance indicators, architecture, and the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation. In the first half of 2020, dissemination has been the most active of these working groups.

Health data is increasingly needed to be able to communicate outside health and care organisations. Examples include areas such as patients and their smartphones; Internet of Things infrastructure(s); and data produced by other sectors of the economy.

This new content and processes are needed to support:

  • research and innovation
  • the development of advanced clinical use cases that increasingly rely on artificial intelligence.

Of particular interest to EHTEL members is the identification of new cross-domain content and processes.

- To see what OPEN DEI is doing especially in relation to the health sector, visit this dedicated OPEN DEI webpage at: http://www.opendei.eu/healthcare-sector/


Project deliverables

Open DEI 

Position paper: An analysis of drivers and barriers for the uptake of digital platforms in Europe


The OPEN DEI project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme  under the grant agreement No. 857065.


***For more information visit the project website***

Participating Members


  • European Health and Care Cluster of Large-Scale Pilots presentation 02 August 2023 EHTEL PDF*
  • Digital platforms and digital ecosystems in healthcare - Towards a more open and integrative approach 02 August 2023 EHTEL PDF*
  • Reference Architectures and Interoperability in Digital Platforms - EHTEL Reading notes 21 December 2022 EHTEL PDF*