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How we can help

EHTEL is the one multi-stakeholder organisation within Europe that brings together organisations and individuals engaged in all aspects of eHealth.
Its unique structure enables the exchange of ideas and information leading to innovation and improvement in the delivery of eHealth solutions and the transformation of health and social care. It does not lobby on behalf of particular groups but rather facilitates interaction between all of them.
EHTEL: Collaborating for digital health and care in Europe
Founded in 1999, EHTEL (the European Health Telematics Association) is a pan European multi-stakeholder forum providing a leadership and networking platform for European corporate, institutional and individual actors dedicated to the betterment of healthcare delivery through eHealth: The European eHealth Multidisciplinary Stakeholder Platform
EHTEL serves and convenes a growing membership of more than 50 organisations that come from various viewpoints but united in their interest to make eHealth work. By collecting and distilling their voices through work groups and publications, EHTEL amplifies the constituency for eHealth in the European arena. We also facilitate the sharing of experience with colleagues and representatives across Europe and beyond.
The EHTEL ecosystem
The EHTEL ecosystem is a wider community of organisations which includes organisations that represent a variety of key stakeholders. In some cases, they too are multi-stakeholder organisations; in others, they focus on a specialist topic. We team up with non-governmental organisations, particularly for purposes of policy-making and policy development. We liaise with many types of organisations either as a group or bi-laterally. Here are a few examples of these organisational types:
At EHTEL, we take an holistic view of eHealth. The multitude of backgrounds and interests of these stakeholders enable EHTEL, as a neutral forum, to draw a more complete picture of the benefits and challenges of the deployment of ICT in the fields of health and social care, thereby also identifying topics requiring particular attention and further developments at European level.
EHTEL services our membership by offering educational and networking opportunities including:
  • Webinars and the EHTEL Symposium on the topics of the moment: Interoperability, the European Health Data Space(s), ePrescribing, Patient Empowerment, Mobile Health, Semantic Interoperability, Hybrid Care.
  • EHTELconnect, a set of services built on the expertise of EHTEL’s multi-stakeholder membership and tailored to your individual needs - which involve groups like Ministries of Health, Competence Centres, and one representing Patients, Citizens and Consumers.
  • Imagining 2029, reflecting EHTEL's vision of the future of health and care systems in 2029, by encouraging active input from all the members of its ecosystem.
As the eHealth focal point in Europe, EHTEL supports all organisations and individuals interested in accessing eHealth information in Europe. It is registered in the EC Transparency Register.