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Study Visits

EHTELconnect study visits are tailored to specific needs and enable stakeholders, experts, and innovators in the field of digital health to come together to share their experiences and lessons learned in the deployment of eHealth technologies.
During a study visit, a digital health innovator (such as a hospital, a general practice or a living lab) opens its doors to other stakeholders and experts to showcase its achievements.
Visitors are introduced first-hand to the latest innovations through a direct learning experience, with a focus on the development of the innovation and the innovator’s main challenges, and lessons learned.
The hosting organization benefits from the opportunity to receive feedback from the visitors, while promoting its own advances in the field of digital health.
A study visit typically involves a mix of presentations from key personnel, complemented by visits to various locations on-site to see the digital healthcare applications in operation.

Previous study visits


4-6 July 2019: Study visit to Scotland by Spital Zollikerberg

On 4-6 July 2019, eight staff members from the Spital Zollikerberg and the Diakoniewerk Neumünster Park Foundation from Zurich, Switzerland paid a study visit to Scotland. Among the visitors were a variety of directors of centres and services, including medical informatics. The visit took place at the Swiss hospital’s request, and was facilitated thanks to the support of  EHTEL member, NHS National Services Scotland.
For more information read the news about the study visit and download the full visit report in the resources section of this page.

26-27 September 2016: two-day study visit to ISMETT, Palermo, Italy

EHTEL organized a study visit to the ISMETT hospital for its members and the members of the Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM)
The visit brought together eHealth practitioners (‘doers’) and insurance scheme specialists, alongside personnel from the European and American civil services. It combined a workshop with sessions that focused on the ISMETT context as well as on other partnerships for innovative health services in Euro-Mediterranean regions.
About UPCM:
“UPMC has always worked in innovation in healthcare – specifically digital health – across the Atlantic. In autumn 2016, ISMETT – a transplant facility located in Palermo, Sicily and managed by UPMC – felt that EHTEL members could absolutely benefit from a visit to their site. The hospital opened its doors to some 30 visitors. The clinic is extremely well-known for the way in which USA-based medical staff in Pennsylvania treat Sicilian patients who use the island-based hospital.
The study visit covered an in-depth discussion with American colleagues about future directions in innovation. They were beamed in via video in a session hosted by personnel from the European Commission. Visitors went on a physical tour of the hospital and its facilities. They saw the equipment used for communication at-a-distance, and heard all about the hospital’s future research and innovation plans. More than ten hospital staff had the pleasure to talk about their leading-edge work.
For ISMETT and UPMC, this was a key event in our calendar. It enabled us to showcase our work and our hospital. We were able to show our visitors how the latest work can be done – as a kind of coaching exercise. We remain in close contact with many of our guests – from other parts of Italy as well as eastern Europe. The visit enabled us to team up with a number of initiatives and project proposals – it really permitted UPMC to be successful in spreading its activities even more widely around Europe!”
Simona ABBRO, Senior Director of Marketing Communication and PR, UPMC Italy
For more information about this study visit download the complete report (part 1 & 2) in the resources section of this page.
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