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In the framework of the new working programme Imagining 2029, EHTEL is organising a series of webinars and workshops addressed to the digital health community to encourage joint reflections on accelerating digital transformation – acknowledging the pressures created by the COVID-19 crisis.
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As it is the case for many other people, EHTEL’s work has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in its way of working and in terms of its focus on new content.  Yet, as EHTEL has always done, we want to look ahead.

Digital learning and digital education are becoming increasingly important, to cope with the limitations on personal movement imposed by the spread of COVID-19. We therefore extend our offer of dedicated online learning to our members. We hope this even more agile and smart way to work, learn, and meet will be one of the positive outcomes of the current pandemic. 

Inspired by the outcome of the December 2019 Annual General Assembly held in Barcelona, the Secretariat has developed a webinar-based work programme entitled “Imagining 2029”. 

This work programme has been organised into three parts, each one representing the agenda of a specific Working Group or Task Force. 

Each EHTEL Working Group and Task Force is producing a series of webinars. Our objective is to offer to our members frequent yet ‘light’ opportunities to work together on key topics. At least three webinars are being organised between mid-May and summer 2020.

How can you participate in the work programme?

- Visit Imagining 2029 page to discover the ideas and background behind our new work programme

- Discover each one of the work programme headlines by visiting the corresponding page.

- Get updated by checking the webinar calendar of each of the headlines and ... join as many webinars as you can!

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