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Digital Integrated Care Task Force Virtual Workshop



Inspired by the content of its 20th Anniversary 2019, EHTEL is getting going on its Imagining 2029 work programme. With a series of webinars and workshops – hosted by its working groups –  EHTEL invites the digital health community to reflect jointly on accelerating digital transformation – acknowledging the opportunities and challenges raised by the current COVID-19 crisis. This webinar is part of the Digital Integrated Care Task Force agenda for 2020: Building Health Data Ecosystems for Integrated Care.


Workshop Focus

The objectives of this workshop are to:  

- Explore what health data ecosystems are and how can be built to benefit health and care integration
- Identify the building blocks and steering elements that frame a health data ecosystem (data protection, standards, business, and governance models)


Workshop Agenda

This workshop is structured in four parts, which are preceded by a welcome and introduction:

  1. Presentation of the concept and use cases of health data ecosystems as new blue oceans
  2. Participants’ live poll on facilitators and barriers to health data ecosystems development for integrated care
  3. Q&A session with presenters and discussion around the poll results so as to identify drivers to develop health data ecosystems
  4. Conclusions

Welcome and introduction
Presenter: Tino Martí (EHTEL, Belgium)
Time: 5 minutes

Health data ecosystems as a new blue ocean
Presenter: Saara Malkamäki (SITRA, Finland)
Time: 15 minutes

Use case of a health data ecosystem in action
Presenter: Rachelle Kaye (ASSUTA Medical Centres, Israel)
Time: 20 minutes

Wrapping up for discussions
Presenter: Tino Marti
Time: 5 minutes

Live Poll

  1. What are the core elements to develop health data ecosystems for integrated care?
  2. What are the main obstacles to combining personal and professional health data so as to support advanced health and care integration?
  3. Who will be the key mobilisers who develop health data ecosystems?

Time: 40 minutes

After the discussion, the moderators will summarise the key messages of the webinar as preliminary conclusions and announce next sessions.
Time: 5 minutes

Featured projects
Scirocco Exchange, DigitalHealthEurope, InteropEHRate

Expected outcome
Fact sheet 1 on Health data ecosystems for integrated care

This Workshop is on invitation. It has been designed for the Digital Integrated Care Task Force and all members of EHTEL. Participation as a guest is however possible.

Are you interested in participating as a guest?
Please express your interest by sending an email to administration@ehtel.eu.
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Practical information

Date : 22/06/2020 Location : Online workshop Time (CET): 15:00 > 16:30
This event is dedicated to the Digital Integrated Care Task Force and all members of EHTEL
You are not an EHTEL member?
 You can request an invitation 
as a guest.

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