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Cancers are among the chief diseases affecting the world’s population today. They need to be better detected and followed up. Data is playing an increasingly important role in both detection and follow-up.

Unprecedented opportunities are being offered by lots of new advances. They include the increase in the amount and availability of health data - especially medical imaging in cancer cases, combined with the emergence of new technological tools. Many of these are based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As a result, there is likely to be increased accuracy in cancer detection, prediction, and follow-up, and - ultimately - better informed clinical care decisions.

EHTEL member, TicSalutSocial is has started working on precisely this topic in a new initiative called INCISIVE.

It joins with almost 30 partners throughout Europe, including the Barcelona supercomputing centre.

INCISIVE is a large project that aims at exploring the potential of novel Artificial Intelligence tools for enhancing current imaging solutions for cancer cases.


INCISIVE addresses challenges related to:

  • The detection of patterns in large volumes of cancer imaging data (to increase the interpretability of complex imaging data and support more effective decision-making for healthcare providers.)
  • Data labelling and annotation.

Availability and sharing of imaging data (to use it for the training and validation of AI tools for improved imaging).

The solutions developed will be piloted with four types of cancer: lung, colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer. The pilot activities will be carried out in eight sites in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Serbia, and Spain.

These improvements are likely to be of huge importance to the people of Europe, and the continent’s data processing and data imaging industries.

 For more information, see the TicSalutSocial website.


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