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The EOSC4Cancer consortium invites you to register your interest as a stakeholder, in order to identify and connect with other stakeholders. Forum members contribute to, and benefit from, the efforts of the EOSC4Cancer consortium including an invitation to attend and present at the bi-monthly cancer landscape partnering meetings.

EOSC4Cancer brings together a consortium of 29 organisations from 13 countries, including cancer research centres, research infrastructures, leading research groups, hospitals, and supercomputing centres. To make the developments sustainable, EOSC4Cancer leverages the partners’ research infrastructures partners and the EOSC ecosystem. It also serves the European Cancer Mission, by engaging with large international coalitions and patients/survivors associations.

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EOSC4Cancer's aim is to make diverse types of cancer data accessible: genomics, imaging, medical, clinical, environmental and socio-economic. It will use and enhance federated and interoperable systems for securely identifying, sharing, processing and reusing FAIR data across borders and offer them via community-driven analysis environments.

Cancer’s complex nature requires integration of advanced research data across national boundaries to enable progress. The Horizon Europe mission board for cancer has identified access to data, knowledge, and digital services – accessible across the European Research Area through federated infrastructures – as a key enabling condition for success. The better that cancer data is organised across Europe, the better and faster the fruits of new biological and technical innovations can be used to the benefit of European citizens/patients.

Learn more and join the movement towards advancing cancer research data, by registering your interest on EO4Cancer’s official website.

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